This page grades each community's greenway system and characterizes them as either Active, Typical, Sedentary or Dead-end.  Grades are determined by the density of trails in the community.  Trail density is calculated by dividing the length of greenways in the community by the area of the community.  Side paths along roadways and landlocked trails are not included.

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IconGradeCategory & DescriptionTrail Density (miles/sq. mi.)
AA truly Active community.65 mile or greater
BActive, with room for improvement½ - .65 mile
CTypical, but above average.35 - ½ mile
DTypical, but below average.2 - .35 mile
FAILSedentary, with a trivial trail.1 - .2 mile
FAILA Dead-end, trailess community 0 - .025 mile

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