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Pathways Through Long Grove
Apr 1, 2012
The Long Grove Bridge
Pertains to Indian Creek, Long Grove
One of the best kept secrets in Long Grove is the beautiful pathways we have in certain areas of the Village. While sometimes difficult to find, many pathway segments exist throughout the Village. Segments may not, however, connect into the "comprehensive" pathway system envisioned by the Village. The Long Grove Pathways Committee strives to create and implement a comprehensive pathway system within the Village limits and ultimately beyond.

The residents of Skycrest Estates, a subdivision off Route 83 and Hilltop Road, have many walkers who were tired of walking around in circles within their own neighborhood. They were itching to be able to connect their neighborhood with the path in Stonehaven and consequently to Longview Meadow via the underpass. The Pathways Committee located a sliver of land to form a connection from Skycrest Estates to the Park District property in the Stonehaven subdivision.

The Village acquired this sliver of land from Lake County for practically nothing, but had no funds to install the pathway connection.

Undaunted, the Skycrest residents and the Pathways Committee scheduled a volunteer workday on September 18, 2010. The whole neighborhood turned out with kids, shovels, and especially George Gorselien’s John Deere tractor to smooth out and clear the path before the heavens opened up and rains came down. But it was now walkable! Then everyone met for a potluck luncheon social graciously hosted at the home of Dr. Kristin Wojick.

The Long Grove Village Pathways system is a long term project of the Village Board, Park District, and interested residents. The next Pathways Committee meeting is Friday, March 25 from 10:30 a.m. to noon at the Village Hall. Please come if you are interested in pathways within the Village or for more information call Chairman Joe Barry at 847-438-3844.

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